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    Corporate Profile

    •  Suzhou ChemWe Inc., established in 2007, is a company providing high quality pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic chemicals and novel materials. As a customer-orientated company, we can provide a series of high-level services, from custom synthesis, pilot-plant enlargement, process optimization to industrial production, at a competitive price.

          Custom synthesis work of ChemWe is provided over a broad range of reactions, including those requiring different conditions. Our manufacturing is conducted by an experienced staff of technicians, Bachelor–degreed and Ph.D. chemists. We also own a chemical plant at Shanxi, which can provide pilot-plant enlargementor industrial production for our clients, whenever necessary.

          For over ten years, we have been continuously utilizing our superior technical knowledge and efficient communication to ensure that customer expectations of quality and delivery are met. We will continue to seek and respond to our clients' needs, and deliver products that improve our client’s businesses.

          Manufacture Site:

          Our manufacture site is located in Shanxi Linyi Hi-Tech Industrial Park. We have communal facilities such as multifunctional pilot plant, industrial production workshop and office buildings. The multifunctional pilot plant has a set of standardized apparatus including 500L, 1000L, 2000L and 3000L multifunctional reactors. It can support various pilot production and industrial production at a temperature between -20℃ to 200℃. The factory has a complete automatic production line from dry material warehouse to crusher to automatic packaging weighing system. Our factory is GMP certified and the advanced management system and quality system based on ISO9001, ISO14001 are strictly followed during manufacturing.

          R&D Center:

          Our R&D center is located in NUSP Suzhou Industrial Park and equipped with standardized laboratory and instruments for research of pharmaceutical intermediates, material monomers and APIs. We have a first-class R&D team and advanced equipment for improvement of technological process and custom synthesis scaled from milligrams to kilograms. Various reactions requiring temperatures from -80 to 300 can be well completed by our R&D team, who have rich experience in synthesizing pyrimidine, quinoline, thiophene and boronic acid derivatives.